Degree and Other Programs

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The School:

The Center for Religious and Spiritual Studies (CRSS) is a Jewish-sponsored independent institution of higher education. The Institute was established to enrich Jewish heritage and religious experience, and to also serve the larger non-Jewish community. It is the goal of CRSS to serve, in a virtual environment, a student population irrespective of local, state, or national boundaries in order to meet the emerging needs of the worldwide Jewish community.  CRSS also provides courses, which may be of interest to the non-Jewish community and welcomes their participation.  

The school was granted registration to operate as a degree granting college by the Louisiana State Board of Regents

Credit Bank Program:

The model used by CRSS is that of a credit bank where earned credits from multiple schools, CLEP exams, or other learning experiences (including courses taken for local, state, or federal licensing requirements such as real estate, massage or other therapies, etc.) can be deposited at full value for a student who is not able to fulfill the residency requirements of a traditional college. When a student has accumulated the required credits and the proper distribution of classes, the student is awarded a degree. There is not a requirement for any credits to be earned from Touro Institute, nor is there a time restriction as to the amount of time required to complete a degree.

CRSS makes it possible for students, outside the scope of traditional universities, to access quality, affordable higher education via a combination of traditional and non-traditional environs to learn in a changing world. Students are able to complete all degree requirements in their own locals in a manner structured for their convenience, while maintaining their work and family responsibilities.

Study Areas:

Bachelor and Master degrees are  offered.  Majors are available in: Comparative Religions, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, Classical Studies (History,Literature,Sciences, etc.), Spirituality Studies, and Humanities as they apply to or interact with religious precepts.  A program is being considered in Rabbinical Studies.  We currently have a Bachelor and Master program in Business Administration for Religious Institutions in the planning stage.  

Course Catalog:

Our Course Catalog is available in PDF format for viewing with Adobe Acrobat.  Or, you can email us and request  a copy be sent via post.