The EFT Certificate Course

The Emotional Freedom Technique course operates on the belief that our meridian system, the same energy system that acupuncture addresses, houses our problematic emotions and negative beliefs. A disturbance in this system is the root of many psychological and emotional problems. ETR helps to address the energetic disturbance helps alleviate many emotional and physical problems by using a unique energy balancing technique.

EFT may be used to:

·        Dissolve the lingering effects of past trauma such as abuse, crime, accidents, and negative personal events, large and small. 

·        Significantly accelerate recovery from emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and panic disorders, phobias, grief and loss, love pain, jealousy, anger, obsessions, compulsive behaviors, etc.

·        Remove blocks to success and personal performance in public speakers, actors, singers, teachers, salespeople, sports professionals, or anyone wishing to enhance their level of success.   

·        Dramatically reduce destructive patterns in personal relationships, parenting and families so they can be as enjoyable as they were meant to be.   

·        Help people in recovery successfully manage addictive cravings and the ups and downs of life without returning to their addictive substances and behaviors. 

·        Help conquer unwanted habits that have not been able to be changed before. 

This is a new paradigm in healing because it no longer takes months or years of therapy and boxes of tissues to resolve problems. With EFT specific issues can be dissolved in minutes—forever!

EFT is based on the following precept.  The discovery by Dr. Roger Callahan that emotional discomfort may be caused by a disruption in the mind/body energy system.

EFT is an invaluable tool, which is a perfect addition to any healing practice. Many professionals easily incorporate EFT into their specific modalities as it enhances and integrates well with them.  

The Course Includes EFT Certificate of Completion, the ability to apply the certificate to 3 credit hours towards a degree from Touro Institute, as well as the following FREE support tools:

  • 10+ Hours of video instruction
  • 3+ hours of audio
  • 70+ page manual

Here is what your FREE video support tools include:

Video instruction - Contains over 10 hours of video instruction on all the basics.  This is the foundational course.  The videos allow you to "instant replay" for ease in learning.  You can begin using EFT after the first video segment.  The rest of the videos help you refine your skills.

Part I--Video #1a The Basic Recipe

This video is dedicated to teaching The Basic Recipe from which EFT was derived, the fundamental meridian routine. 

Of great importance is the section where you can "follow along" with your own issue.  Here you need only pick out your own issue and be guided step by step through the entire procedure.

Part I--Video #1b Dave’s Fear of Water

This video is an hour-long session with Dave and his intense fear of water (for over 50 years).  It is so intense that getting in a pool formerly caused him to panic with fear of his own death.  With the application of EFT, however, none of this happens.  Further, he ends up dunking himself underwater with no fear whatsoever and proceeds to take swimming lessons.

This session should be studied in detail because it includes the gentle use of EFT…and...because it illustrates succinctly how aspects emerge and how to handle them.  The procedures used in this session are fundamental to everything else you do. Please study them in detail.

This video provides important insights in applying EFT across a wide variety of issues.  While the process is similar for every issue, not every person responds the same way.  Some get immediate relief while others require persistence.  Some are enthusiastic about it while others are skeptical.  They ask different questions and pose different problems.  This is where the "art of delivery" comes in.

Part I--Video #3  "6 Days at the VA"

Besides being one of the most memorable examples of emotional healing you will ever see, this video develops a major tool for trauma relief--namely--the "Narrate The Movie Technique." Nowhere will you find this vital procedure as thoroughly displayed as you will on this video.  It is a must tool for every serious practitioner.

Simply put, this procedure asks the client to narrate a specific traumatic event as though it were a movie.  Then, whenever the client begins to generate intensity over the specific happenings, the process is stopped and EFT is applied to the intense emotion.  To give you the best look possible at the important details of this technique, it is applied to three of our veterans for widely different traumatic incidences (war memories).

In later sections of this course, we emphasize the value of "being specific when possible."  This is vital, especially for the newcomer.  The "Narrate The Movie Technique" has built within it an automatic mechanism for being specific--very important.  This one technique will create quality results where one might otherwise stub their toe.

In addition to witnessing trauma relief for many intense memories (seeing decapitated bodies, having to shoot a 5 year old child, shooting and burying innocent citizens), you will also get insights into relief for a height phobia, social phobia, grief, headaches, insomnia and many other Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related ailments. 

Part II--Video #1 Overview

This video serves as a transition into Part II, which displays for you several complete sessions and many useful refinements to expand your abilities. 

Provided on this video is procedural chart that gives you an easy to use framework for delivering EFT.  Understanding this chart (easy to do) will give you a track to run on for addressing the vast majority of the issues you and your clients will face.

Part II - The rest of these videos contain the most useful educational parts of two 3-day seminars wherein the fine points of EFT are explored.  

These include:

·         Audience Examples

·         Emotional Issues

·         Physical Issues

·         Addictive Cravings

·         Energy Toxins & Phobias

·         Common Problems  

Advanced certification is also available. 


The Certificate of Completion  is awarded upon completion of an open book test.  The cost of the Certificate is $80.