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Ethics has lately been very prominent in the news.  We have seen heads of corporations and even their companies toppled, politicians scorned, and people serving prison time all due to the lack of ethics within our society.  

Touro Institute is very concerned about the current trend in our society and the seemingly lack of public interest when someone is accused of ethical violations.  To this end we have established the Center for  Business, Personal, and Social Ethics.  

Our Services:

Touro Institute offers products, training, consulting, assessment, research and customized development to meet all personal and organizational ethics needs.

We provide: 

  • coaching and consulting in methods to improve the ethics structures within a company, a family, an individual, or society in general.  
  • development of ethics programs for companies, local and state governments, and government agencies which include ethics training, newsletters, organizational restructuring , etc.
  • reviews of company codes of conduct through complex infrastructure development.
  • services as "friends of the court" to work with the courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys to develop, and implement ethics improvement programs.
  • monitor ethics programs to ensure adherence. 

If you feel you may have a current need for our services please contact us by clicking here.

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