Classics, Humanities, Independent, and Religious Studies


A program of study in general classical studies is available to provide a "rounded" education. Or, a course of study can be can be structured around specific classics programs within ancient Roman, Greek, or Jewish literature or culture; or, humanities programs such as archeology, architecture, anthropology, art, history, literature, music, politics, science, etc. and its application/relationship to religion.  

Independent Studies

Independent programs can also be developed within the Classics, Humanities, Religious or Spiritual Studies areas around specific courses, religions, beliefs, or principles. Also, the certificate programs are considered can be applied to the fulfillment of credit requirements.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies will develop an understanding of religious philosophy and provide direction for religious growth. The student can develop an understanding of the major religions of the world or concentrate on a specific religious belief structure. Students also have the choice of selecting from the curriculum of the Jewish Studies, Spirituality Studies, or the Rabbinical Studies programs.