Peace Studies


Why Peace Studies?

Do you find yourself concerned about the current state of the world? Are you troubled by the profusion of ethnic and regional disputes? Does the destruction of the rain forests and the possibility of global warming alarm you? Does a world stockpiled with nuclear weapons seem pointless? Do you wonder if poverty and homelessness are avoidable? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions a peace studies program may be of special interest to you. Such a program would allow you to explore local, national, and international peace and justice issues and the role of spirituality.

What is Peace Studies?

Peace studies is an increasingly popular, interdisciplinary field of study offered at many colleges and universities. It is a field that examines such questions as:

What is peace?

What are the causes of war, violence, and oppression?

What is the relationship between war, environmental degradation, and institutionalized poverty?

How can conflict be resolved without recourse to violence?

What can individuals and institutions do to create a more peaceful and just community, nation, and world?

How do peace studies play a role in local issues?

How does Spirituality correlate with peace efforts?

Those who pursue peace studies with a spiritual connection will be able to approach this fast growing area more effectively and help bring a new focus to a complex and volatile world. To help accomplish this, CRSS has developed a Master Program in Peace Studies.

The Program:

Our program is geared for:

Those who have an interest in the spiritual nature of our world and its impact on chaos.

Those who want to become a calming influence in today's society.

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