Application and/or Registration


To apply to be a student at Touro Institute it is required to complete and submit an application form. This form is attached as a PDF file on this web page.

The completed application may be mailed, faxed,or emailed to "Registrar" at Touro Institute (see the "Contact Us" web page . If mailed the application fees must be included (see the "College Catalog" for fee requirements). If faxed or emailed fees must be received within seven days of application receipt.

Also, at the time of registration, any colleges or other educational organizations for which a student desires credit transfers must be notified to forward same to Touro Institute.

Application Form


Since Touro Institute does not operate on a calendar schedule or requires classes be taken from Touro Institute, registration is not required on a scheduled basis. Instead, registration is accomplished when a student desires to take a class from Touro Institute. This is done by the student sending an email to the registrar requesting to be enrolled in the desired class or classes. Fees, per the structure in the college catalog, must be received within seven days of registration receipt.